Why is Richard Jackson's Blossom Booster better?

I believe my plant food is the best you can buy. It can help anyone, whether beginner or expert, grow wonderful flowers, as well as bigger and better crops of vegetables and fruits.

I learnt from the best. I worked with top professionals who used specially formulated plant foods to help them produce their amazing plants. With the help of a leading garden scientist, I developed and tested my own plant food based on their secret formulas. Blossom Booster contains extra high levels of potash, plus natural seaweed extract and wetting agent. Now anyone can grow lots more flowers and bigger crops, the easy way. Find out more about Richard.

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More flowers, bigger crops

It’s now the 2nd biggest selling soluble plant food in the UK and in the past two years alone, gardeners have used my plant food to win 34 Gold medals in National Gardening Competitions.

Richard Jackson's Blossom Booster
  • Extra potash for more flowers
  • Seaweed extract for better growth
  • Essential micro-nutrients for increased nutrient uptake
  • Super-concentrated – makes up to 554 gallons of diluted feed
  • Wetting agent for easy watering
  • Easy to use with a hose-end sprayer or in watering cans
  • Use indoor or outdoors on any flower, fruit or vegetable plants
  • Great results with foliage plants too, like hostas

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We're amazed by the fantastic flowers and crops customers grow with Blossom Booster. Click, swipe and scroll your way through the images below – the results speak for themselves.

Where to buy Blossom Booster

Until recently, Richard Jackson's Blosom Booster was available exclusively through QVC. We're pleased to announce that you can now buy instore and online at Valley Forge Flowers.

Buy from Valley Forge
Available in 3lb tub

Buy from QVC
Available in 1.5lb and 4.5 lb sizes

Rated out of 5 by QVC customers

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Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

How much diluted feed does Blossom Booster make?

The super concentrated formula goes a long way. The 1.5lb tub makes up to 136 gallons of diluted feed.

Can I use Blossom Booster in a hose-end feeder?

Yes, but there are different types of hose-end sprayers so I hope the following guide is helpful. For those sprayers that have an uptake tube and are labeled by number of gallons like a 6 gallon sprayer or a 15 gallon sprayer, you put one tablespoon of fertilizer in the sprayer for each gallon specified. You then add water, give it a little shake to dissolve and begin applying it. For those sprayers without an uptake tube you simply fill the container about ¾‘s full of Blossom Booster. That is usually about 1-1 ¼ lb. The important thing to remember is that with this type of sprayer, the solution in the beginning is stronger at the end so you want to apply it so that you get an even application over the desired area. Keep your sprayer constantly moving back and forth from one end of the garden to the other rather than starting at one end and ending at the other end.

How do I use Blossom Booster?

Simply add one teaspoon (fill to the teaspoon mark on the measuring scoop supplied with the feed) to one gallon of water and stir well.

How often should I use Blossom Booster?

In the early growing season, feed your plants once every two weeks. From June-September, feed them twice a week.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes, the high potash content also helps:

  • Increase hardiness (tolerance of frost and wind).
  • Increase resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Improve foliage colour.
How does Blossom Booster affect the flavour of fruit and vegetables?

The high levels of potash in Blossom Booster actually helps improve the flavour. So you get the best of both worlds…better tasting crops and more of them too!

What can I use Richard Jackson’s Blossom Booster on?

Anything that flowers or produces fruits, especially summer flowering plants (in pots, window boxes, hanging baskets and borders) like fuchsias, petunias, zinnias, geraniums and begonias, roses, clematis, flowering shrubs, summer annuals such as sweet peas, hardy perennials like peonies and chrysanthemums, lilies, houseplants especially orchids, strawberries and all soft fruit, apples, pears, and vegetables including peppers, runner beans and courgettes, If you love growing tomatoes, you’ll love Richard Jackson’s Blossom Booster! An independent trial run by Dr Arnie Rainbow showed that tomato plants fed with a brand leading UK fertilizer produced, on average, 5.5lb of good fruit per plant. Those fed with Richard Jackson’s Blossom Booster produced an average of 13.9lb. That’s over double the crop! If it produces results like that on tomatoes, just imagine what it can do for other plants!