Blossom Booster

… the secret of growing more

It’s taken me 50 years to develop this. During this time I’ve worked with some of the top gardeners in the UK. I’ve discovered how they grow more. Now you can too!

Why is Richard Jackson's Blossom Booster better?

I have learned from the best. These top professionals used specially formulated plant foods to help them produce their amazing plants. With the help of a leading garden Scientist, I developed and tested my own plant food based on their secret formulas. With Blossom Booster’s extra high levels of potash, plus natural seaweed extract and wetting agent, now it’s easy for everyone to grow more flowers, more fruits and more vegetables.

Don’t just take my word for it

Thousands of happy gardeners, from beginners to greenthumbed guru’s, use my Blossom Booster plant feed and obtain stunning results. Click here to read my customer reviews and see the results for yourself.